Loreli Reborn

It was a rare sight indeed; a lone black wolf stalking the night. It was a strong brute, thin but clearly muscled, ebony pelt shining with health. Each of the large beast’s steps emitted a soft click due to its long claws, claws that seemed to hold a light scarlet stain. What made the best so unnatural despite its size was its eyes. Pure black eyes of coal with thin white-blue tendrils, the colors portraying excitement. It’s eyes and it’s front left foreleg. The appendage was marked by an unsettling design that seemed to slither and dance upon the male’s fur; black in the center and quickly fading to scarlet further out. Yes, the nightmarish wolf was a disturbing sight.

With a flash of fang the lupo froze, scenting the air. Seemingly satisfied, it sat and waited. It wasn’t long until the wolf began to twitch. What started as a mere shake soon turned into frame wracking shudders, the wolf’s body bending back as its spine popped and cracked. The black wolf let out a screaming howl before its body completely twisted, a blur of black fur and cracking bones.

Then it stopped, and had any person been around they would have thought themselves insane, for where the wolf had been only moments before there now stood a young man. He was crouched on the ground panting, hand clenching the area above his heart. Like the wolf, the man was tall and lithe, sinewy muscles hugging his bones like a second skin. The eyes were the same as well, a never ending black with excited white-blue tendrils flaring from the pupil.

Then the silence was shattered, the quiet of the night fleeing.  From the surrounding bushes and trees multiple people emerged, all in black, all with looks of loathing and disgust. The man emitted a gut wrenching snarl as a thick net of glimmering silver ensnared him. He fell to the ground, pinned, as the group of shadowy figures staked the beautiful trope down.  From their ranks emerged two people; obviously male and female. They were clearly in charge of the operation.

“Bastion!” cried the hooded man, voice filled with mock surprise, “What a chance meeting you here!” The man was large, his voice a booming baritone.

“Danny. Serena.” Replied the pinned man as greeting, lips raised to show unnaturally long and pointed teeth. “Should’ve known what you scum would do, but I had hoped you at least hadsomehonor remaining,” the man spat the words like venom, once blue laced eyes now a throbbing crimson on black.

“Now, now,” the man replied, “let’s not start name calling.”

“Try to see it from our point of view,” the woman started, voice frosty. “You kill needlessly Bastion, you’re a demon. A hound from Hell. Yes your blood…it’s amazing to say the least. A single vial,” she paused to show the snarling man a vial the size of her pointer finger, “can cure any sickness.” The shadow-clad woman, Serena, tapped long nails on the vial, the sound musical. “Amazing,” she finished with a sigh.

“And here we are! Did you really think we would return your spies to you unharmed? The we wouldn’t kill your little assassins the second we got the information we desired?
 Danny laughed, a sinister sound that made Bastion growl. “Plague hounds,” the large man sneered. “They were dead before we even made the agreement.” Bastion hung his head low, his shoulders shaking.

“They told us a weakness Bastion, before they died. Said silver affected you like any other werewolf…” the hooded figure paused. “This netting is pure silver, with a few enchantments of course. I’m sorry to say Bastion, but we need your blood…and you being dead is just an added bonus…” the man, Danny, sounded anything but apologetic. “Don’t apologize!” spat Serena, eyes narrowed, voice sub-zero. “He’s a butcher, the only reason his blood gives life is because he mercilessly takes it from others! Kill him!” The last words were shouted; hate filled.

Serena turned her back on the ensnared man to open a cooler that two of the shadowy figures had brought over. Inside were more vials, crystalline in their cool beauty. The woman grabbed a vial and turned back, eyes mocking. “Are you crying Bastion? For yourself? Or for your lost Plague Hounds?”

The captured man’s face was still turned to the ground, shoulders shaking, but not with tears…with laughter. The man released a sadistic blood curdling laugh before throwing up his face to show the hooded figures blood red eyes. “Fools!” he snarled, lips peeling back to reveal razor sharp teeth. “You think a mere silver net can contain ME!?” The man laughed again as shudders racked his body much as they had racked the wolf. The man looked insane as he shook out his black hair, but then reality looked insane, for two furry ears had appeared atop Bastion’s head. Wolf ears. His long fingers tapered into curled claws and a black tail sprouted from behind him, the plume lashing at the air.

“My Plague Hounds did tell you some twisted truth. Silver does affect me…it’s annoying and efficiently pisses me off!” With that, Bastion used his claw adorned hands to rip the silver netting into strips, like a hot knife going through butter. The shadow-clad people shouted and yelled, struggling to tame the beast that was now Bastion. “Did you really think,” Bastion lunged and sunk his claws into a fleeing man, ripping and tearing at anything his talons could grasp, “that you could enslave and kill a Royal?! A Master?!” As he spoke, Bastion leaped on his prey, using his claws and fans to rip through flesh. Blood red eyes glowed like flaming embers in the night, sparkling with sadistic glee. Bastion had let his animal loose; allowed the wolf within to take control. He was in his most deadly form, a mixture of his two personas. His human half fought for order while his animal side begged for total chaos, all of this driving Bastion mad in his murderous rage. Throbbing scarlet eyes rose to see Serena fleeing with Danny, the two hunters leaving their fallen comrades behind.

“That won’t do,” he growled with a fang filled grin. He quickly dropped the pulpy mess of flesh and blood in his clawed hands, racing to follow the hunters who dared double cross him. He tracked them silently, only pouncing when they thought they had escaped. Bastion’s sensitive ears could pick up the sound of a car only a few yards away, the hunters escape vehicle.

“Serena. Danny. I can’t say I’m sorry for what I’m about to do. You really are horrible people, going back on your word.” Bastion raised a clawed hand to his lips, tongue slowly licking off the blood there. He smiles maliciously at the stunned couple before grabbing Danny and digging his claws into the area of his heart. Briefly he heard a click from the cars area but it seemed useless, so Bastion discarded the sound. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” With those hissed words Bastion shoved his hand through Danny’s chest; his blood-soaked forearm emerging on the other side, the dead man’s heart in his clenched fist.

Serena screamed and rushed forward, silver blade appearing in her fist only to be lodged in Bastion’s shoulder. “You disgusting sc-“

Her words were cut off as Bastion placed his talon tipped hands on each side of her head. Bastion watched as Serena’s eyes widened in fear and…love?

“Ivo-!” Bastion didn’t wait for her to finish. His palms crushed her skull with a million cracks and pops, blood spraying onto Bastion and soaking him in crimson fluids.

Bastion dropped the corpse to the ground and turned to see what had made Serena cru out in love and despair. It was a little girl. Bastian smiled wickedly as he realized this was Serena and Danny’s child. “Hello sweetheart,” he practically purred, shaking skull matter off his clawed hands. The little girl looked on in horror, lips parting to release a small whimper.


Bastions crimson eyes had calmed back to their original black coloring, only a few red ribbons left around the pupil. He smiled with satisfaction and approached the girl.

“Did you love them?” he whispered to her, brushing blood slicked hair out of his face. The girl mutely nodded, too scared to move away from the demon that was Bastion.

“Do you hate me for killing them?” his words were soft, his bloody claws cupping the young girls cheek. He watched as her eyes slowly filled with understanding, and then hate.

“Y-yes,” her words were just as quiet.

Bastions eyes gleamed. He lowered his blood kissed lips to her ear.

“Do you want to hurt me? Kill me?”

The girl had tears trailing down her cheeks and a fine tremble had overtaken her body, but she still managed a jerky nod.

Bastions bloody lips curled into a smile, eyes gaining a purple gleam. “Good girl,” he murmured. Quick as a viper he had her hand, was turning it over so he could see the inside of her wrist. He lowered his mouth to the soft flesh and gently placed a kiss upon it.

Fire. It felt like he was breathing fire into her veins. Her wrist was in agony, like glass shards were being pressed into her skin. A loud scream erupted from her, back arching in pain as she tried to make the bloody man release her. Bastion pulled away with a smile. Burned onto the small girls wrist was an entrancing design that seemed to dance on her flesh, black in the center and fading to red much like the wolf’s mark.

“Ivory,” The girl looked up in surprise at his words, pain still numbing her arm. “I want you to take this knife,” Bastion yanked the silver dagger from his shoulder, “and stick it through my heart. I want you to kill me just like I slaughtered your family.” Ivory didn’t move, green eyes watching as fresh blood trailed down Bastions sleeve from the newly open wound. She couldn’t bring herself to take the blade. She stared into purple on black eyes and cried, slowly shaking her head ‘no.’ Bastion smiled and kissed her forehead, taking the blade and chucking it into the woods.

“My little Ivory, full of hate but held back by love,” Bastion purred, leaving bloody trails on the girls cheeks as he cupped her face. “Never will you forgive me, let your heart fill with hate and thoughts of revenge, but deep down know you will always be connected to me through this bond, that our hearts beat for each other.” With those last words Bastion turned away and dropped onto his hands and kness, body trembling fiercely. With a howl he transformed, bones bending and breaking to reshape themselves. And then he was gone and the wolf from earlier that night was in his place.

Bastion kept wolf eyes trained on the crying girl, dipping his head before turning away and entering the woods, disappearing from her life…for now. The girl, Ivory, was numb. All she could think of was the bloody man, his lips brushing her forehead. His kiss burning her flesh to leave a rune. His claws smearing her face with her own parents blood. Ivory swayed on her feet before collapsing, mind going black. There was nothing left for her…

The End

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