Upon Journey's Start

Shine the summer bright,
Upon yonder willow tree;
As the leaves tumble down
like tears of emerald green.

Blow soft wind blow;
Hear the whistling of the wind.
Blow soft wind blow;
Hear the children sing.

Upon platform high and round
Like the silver moon in the sky,
As the lights of the night
Fly on gently by.

Sing great Willow sing;
A towering beacon of life.
Sing great Willow sing;
But no sad tales of strife.

Woven homes there be
From branches of the tree,
And in them crafted stories
And the tales of history.

Dance in the gales dance;
Feel the wind on your skin.
Dance in the gales dance,
And laugh with your kin.

O' mighty Willow tall,
As tall as dear you are in my heart;
Hear our song my willow,
For I am afraid I am to depart.

Believed to be the song sung by a fabled figure upon the departure of the Willow, many still sing it when they leave for good luck. Indeed still ringing in the hearts of the Sylvarin is when the Syldar struck up a hearty chorus upon the start of their journey.

The End

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