Of Tides of Flame

Boom boom

Bam Boom Boom
The beating of drums
Bam Boom Boom
The pound of many feet
Band a Boom Boom
The hurling of marble stones
Bong a Boom ba Boom
As arrives the dread fleet.

Boom Boom ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta tah
Boom Boom
They came upon us
Boom Boom
A roaring sea of flame
Bam Boom Boom
They came upon us
Bam ba Boom ba Boom
With fire deadly and untame.

Boom Boom ba
Ba Boom bom ba
Bah ba Boom Boom bah
Bah Boom ba Boom bah!

The horde of roaring demons
That came like death in the night
And flung there torches upon us
And we could not match them in fight.

How the children cried
At the pounding of the drums
How the mothers wailed
Ceaseless like eerie hums.

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom BOM BOM

What could a Sylvarin do
Against a foe so great
We matched them with nature
And there we met our fate.

Bada bom bom,
Bada bom bom,
Bada bom ba bom bom bom BOM!

Taking up our bows
And fighting them with staves
And nature came in droves
And they retreated to their caves.

Yes we had won
As the tree tops were set on fire
But a hollow victory it was
Like a drum.


Some believe this is the earliest account of the Barankar though it could be another race long forgotten, though the fore seems most likely.
This tale is counted among the darkest of all the tales for it is the start of the Great fire that ravaged their trees for five years and took fifteen years for the forest to heal, some believe scorch marks are still visible upon the great willow. However it also makes reference to the power and help of the Varramé with how the nature came to help.

The End

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