The Song of Emerel and Arún Part 4

Past misdeeds should deprive
The wicked of the joys after life
And in the past Arún had killed a man
Blood on his knife.

And so he was torn from his one true love
A pain worse than any contrived
And to return to her
Is where he strived.

And as he wandered the earth alone
As a spirit tormented and pained
He found the Varramé
And their favour he gained.

But to return to nature
They could not reward
He would have to earn it
And seek the secret horde.

So he traversed the Earth
Through sea and hill
Mountain and forest
And demons kill.

For an age he searched for the horde
But a thought struck his mind
That there was treasure in the Earth
That he could possibly find.

Then appeared a spirit
Taller than the tallest peak
Which came upon him
And foul was it's reek.

But it was a foe greater than he
As it grabbed his feet
And held him before it's eyes
And him he beat.

But he struggled and fought
wriggling from the vice-like grip
And with strength unkown
Smote his lip.

And with one mighty punch
The spirit was to disappear
And the Varramé returned
Within the year.

And thus at last
They they touched his head
"Now my son,
You truly are dead!"

Thus is the Song
Of Emerel and Arún
As they kissed once more
Under the face of the moon.

Thus ends the song. They say upon the death of Arún that he wandered the Earth and his voice was heard in the sighing of the wind but in his death he became one with the water and the trees and so his tale through death was heard by those closest to nature.Though what the Berel beast is we cannot be sure for none have been seen since, though his closeness to wolves suggests maybe a form of mutated or simply slightly larger than is the norm alpha wolf.

The End

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