The Song of Emerel and Arún Part 3

He reached for his bow
But Emerel touched his arm
"Not now my love..."
As a finger touched her palm.

Then she looked at the pack
Of slathering, garish dogs
And with power beyond mortals
Up crept the fingers of fogs.

Then from the ground sprouted
Vines and deadly spikes
Which wound around the beast
who yelped and growled in fright.

But in primal anger
They lunged at the pair
And tore the fair lady
In their deathly snare.

And in a wrath beyond mortals
Arún took his staff
And through the pack of wolves
Paved a path.

And to the Berel Beast
Was where he set his sights
And took up his stave
To set from wrong to rights.

He struck at the beast
Till he could swing n'more
And as his last strength left him
Into his heart the demon bore.

Arún fell to the ground
As the Berel beast found the Tree
But weakened as he was
Was felled by arrows, three.

And so the rule of Berel
Had come finally to an end
But at such price
As no mortal could comprehend.

Such sorrow fell upon the people
As they buried the glorious dead
And with that his tale was ended
For the people that he led.

But for Arún his tale continued
He could not be so content
As to live with Emerel in heaven
As to the darkness he went.

The End

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