The Song of Emerel and Arún Part 2

And such a girl she was
With silver, waving hair
That shone like the moon
Which her eyes held there.

And in that smallest of moments
Arún saw his life
If he should rescue her
from all this trouble and strife.

But match this beast in might he could not
Instead he would use guile
And so he moved in every direction
For at least a solid mile.

And thus he came upon a plan
As he spotted a herd of Dyres
And taking up flint and tinder
Set up several fires.

Then taking up his sturdy bow
He dipped an arrow in flame
And show it in a Dyres rump
And they ran so very untame.

But they followed the path of fire
Upon the Mountain peak
where they trampled the Berel Beast
His victory looking bleak.

But one should not think little
Of the mighty Beast
As with strength unkown to all
The rampage soon ceased.

But Arún had been quick to work
And broke the prisoners bonds
Leading them away
They cut through the leafy fronds.

And in an act of self sacrifice
Arún stood his ground
And told the Sylvari to run on
As there came a great pound.

And so they went ahead
All but the fair girl
Whose eyes he gazed into
Like twin dots of pearl.

But clutching hands
They both turned their head
As a great pack of wolves came forth
Their hearts full of dread.

The End

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