The First Year

The night was spent by the telling of tales of old, most of which came from mighty Delamúr who told of the exploits of his father, throwing in of course, some of his own tales. But as the moon reached it's highest point in the sky and the witching hour came to in the face of a full moon, all tales of monsters and such fell and the company at last fell to sleep.

I the early morn all awoke and prepared for their venture. Though each had little in the way of food, they had enough to last on should they emerge at at a place they knew little about, where no herb nor berry grew and vegetation sparse. For the Sylvarin can survive on little food as the light provides for them much sustenance and water itself sustains them.

And so without any more hesitation, they left the grove the way had come and instead of passing through the great ravine (for which they cared little about) traversed around the mountain which itself took three days and onwards through the pass, uphill through wooded marshland until they reached the gentle calm of what is now Grenland which again took 4 days.

And so they came to a spot where three boats lay on the banks of the sea, old Sylvarin boats made many long years ago. Te boats were finely crafted using polished oak timbers that curved in the shape of a leaf at the fore.

With paddles, the group began the journey across the sea 'till they came to another land which is now known as Victum. The sea was dangerous, the east winds pushing the boats on towards a sheer cliff face which at the foot held spikes of rock that pierced the surface of the sea like jagged talons. From up high Karkens roosted and surveyed invaders.

Yet with skill that defied mere men, they expertly manouvered the crafts past the dangers, skirting northwards were the cliff face dropped onto a peaceful sandy beach. They landed the boats upon the beach and dragged them into the cover of trees lest there be watchful eyes up high.

Darkness fell fast upon the new land as it had taken the whole day to cross the sea. The stars seemed different, almost warped, yet there could be deciphered some of the constellations of all. Most noticeably was that of Emerel.

But in the darkness, they planted in the centre of their camp a tall thin glowing mushroom, their light back home and once more sang softly unto the cold night air of times past 'till their heavy eyes took them into gentle slumber.

The End

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