Lífatélen (Book of Tales)

The Song of Emerel and Arún Part 1

Now sing the song of Arún
And of the beast Berel
And of his tragic love and doom
And of his path through hell.

When young the Willow was
Oh how the branches used to sing
And whisper to it's love
When of Lifrasir it was King.

How light shone through the leaves
Whether the moon or sun
It was such a sight to behold
The way the rain water would run.

And in a branch up high
There was born Arún
A dark prince of the Night
Blessed with the face of the moon.

Old he grew to be
Wise beyond his years
A treasured Captain of the Whistari
and known to all the Seers.

And then came the threat of a monster
Taller than Arún was fair
Stronger even than a mountain
And wilder than even the bear.

His fur was matted and mouldy
His teeth great and black
In his dark eyes was cunning
And there were spikes on his back.

But all would laugh at the monster
N'more than a fable or tale
And Berel in much anger
Moved from his dale.

To the horror of the Sylvarin
He did enter their tree
And took many people
As the others would turn and flee.

A year this did continue
Till brave Arún stepped forth
And taking his bow and arrow
When to the mountains of the North.

There he found the Beast
Rearing it's massive head
And feasting upon strange meat
Of the poor, poor dead.

Arún then spotted a girl
The girl known as Emerel
One sight was all it took
For his heart to hurt like hell.


The End

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