The Sylvarin have been around probably as long as the creation of the world, and though they have no writings of this long past, they have plenty of albeit fantastic tales that inspire doubt and skeptisism but still warm your heart with their tales of heroism.

However with the forming of the Council of Syldar, the Sylvarin took to writing down their history in their own book of lore that is constantly progressed at each significant event.

The lore on Sylvarin of course begins with the creation of the Council hundreds of years before the arrival of the Magorians. The Sylvarin age is known as the Era of Syldar, their years counted in ACC or After the Creation of the Council. But one thing that remains in the knowledge of the Sylvarin is their peaceful, simple existence in the great forests, their untroubled, eloquent life that is theirs. But most importantly, the celebration of life itself as for them, it is long indeed.

The End

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