Appearance: Varying, as the Barankar are various races and revolve around war.

Carak'Ashan: The Captains of the Barankar Army wear helmets with a slit for eyes and what looks like the head of a trident (which is their symbol) on their forehead that rises up many inches and a stone of lapis lazuli at the base of this. They wear dark robes wear spiked pauldrons that go across their shoulders in three segments and dark iron breastplates with black robes that fall to their boots which are spiked and go up to their knees and black cloaks. They also wear spiked iron gauntlets and carry swords that look like long shards of metal. Their actual appearance, humanoid but very thin and tall with sunken eyes and heavily wrinkled, pale skin... look like corpses.

Nak'Ti: The grunts of the army are quite short at around 5"00 tall and wear chainmail with simple iron skullcaps on their heads. They are excellent for overwhelming the enemy with axes and swords, often carrying two weapons at once. Their actual appearance, they have large eyes that are reflective like felines in the dark and dark scaly skin. Often have long dark green or black lank hair that is plaitted for war.

Mul'Rok: With excellent senses, they are the archers of the army with sharp eyes, ears and noses. They wear chainmail with black tunics over their armor bearing the trident and an iron helmet with a nose piece. Their actual appearance, they have green tinted skin (some believe they were once Green Men traitors) with dark green eyes and hair which is long. Carry bows and throwing knives.

Geresh: The "nobles" of the four races they are as tall as the Carak, heavily armored with spiky platemail and two large spikes on their helmets that curve backwards. Wear long cloaks with gold leaf. Actual appearance, long gaunt faces and dark eyes with long grey/silver hair and wear crowns when not in battle. Use lances and swords.

City: Brakkas starts at the base of the mountain and rises inside the mountain in levels, each level is a different city, the lower levels are for the less respected races, the higher level for the more respected races.

Language: Barankaran

The End

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