Appearance: live up to 100 years sometimes longer almost 8 foot tall. Tanned skin that is dry and cracked and quite tough. Usually have orange-red eyes or yellow eyes and are the males are bald whilst the females tend to have smoother, less cracked skin and long brunette hair. The warriors wear grand Ren Plate (a form of very hard Iron) which is naturally black and helmets with a long spike that curves forwards with black cloaks. The royals wear tunics and cloaks with ceremonial rapiers. The civilians wear simple tunics.

Weapons: Knives and long poleaxes, also carry crossbows and use various traps and seige techniques.

City: Usually built out of orange coloured rock. They build their cities into the mountains of Rouen.

Language: Also speak the common tongue and Magorian.

The End

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