Appearance: Live up to 150 years and up to 7 foot tall. The Drakkians are blue skinned and usually have blue/grey/indigo eyes and blonde/silver hair. The scholars wear long, overflowing blue or white robes with white or silver lace hems and cuffs and usually small ruffs on the collar. The warrior tends to wear simple blue robes with white-iron armor and white cloaks and the civilians wear tunics and furs.

Weapons: Some have power over ice and water and most use staffs and everice swords as weapons.

City: Their cities all follow a similar structure, houses surrounding a central library/university as they believe that knowledge is the most important aspect of power. The scholars play a large part in the city, often acting as jurors and mediators and providing advice and support for all.

Language: They speak both the common tongue and a form of the language of the Magorians as their first language.

The End

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