Firstly regarding the Geography of Louenna/Malachar.

In the North and Northwest is the largest forest called Whiswin (The great green) which is home to what my people call the Green Men, this runs all the way down to the Southwest and is the largest forest in Lifrasir. There are hills, such as in North at the most Eastern part of the forest lies the hill Sylvin, also known as Silverpine forest and home of the Sylvin Green Men. then at the Northern most point stands Willowin  (Great Willow). Also to the West is Wintalar, also known as White Mountain where the white trees grow that glow in the night. Slightly south of Wintalar within the forest near the Lokan River is the fortress of Sulatan (though this was not around till much later) however it does lie in the Whispawan Forest, also known as Grass is Greener to the west of the Lokan river.

The Loklar River flows into the Lokan Lake and at the heart of this is a small Island which is now the Great Capital, Lentalen, high up on a grand acropolis.

To the Southeast on the Lokan river lies the Great portland city Orius (again much later) and even further East is Valahlir the forest of light.

Once more further east is Karamalakos or Coravine as it is now called which travels from the Northeast coast going inland rather than following the coast to the South leaving the Mokasan Pass  so that there is some lower level land in the East and Southeast which is known as (starting from the northernmost area) Grenland, Mokasanmar which is marshland and the Mokasan Pass, a gap of land between the Mountain of Caravhas that starts the ravine and the Southeast coast which now home the Great Gate. The East cliff of the ravine is connected to Caravhas and the Caravhas falls creates the river that runs between but there is a gap between the West cliff and Caravhas which is taken up by the Verasen grove, home to the Nobler of the Green Men Race which leads to the river's banks but before you enter this grove, there is a path that leads up onto the cliff.

At the north is New Barbarus where the Barabarans, hidden in the huge mountains. Old Barbarus is situated between Whiswin and Whispawan though they were driven out of there long ago by the Green Men.

Famir lies to the East of the Lake between there and the steep cliff face of Coravine. There are several channels dug from the lake in between the many fields and pastures.

The End

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