The Barankar (their names in Magorian tongue) or also known as the Demon People, had long lived in the vast caverns of Brakk'As, a large mountain Island further south of Malachar.

The land is dark, it's onyx-rock mountains side easily the largest mountain of all of Lifrasir and visible no matter where you are. None brave, powerful or stupid willingly enter this dark realm and nobody knew what occured in this dark place.

The history of the Barankar is as vague and mysterious as the time before Aradian, none know of their origins though many believe they where not born on this world or even this realm.

But some of their movements have been seen from afar and documented so I have been able to gather some information of them of these early years.

My knowledge starts at what they call the Great revolution, when the Bolak (like a leader) showed signs of weakness by allowing his son to live after he failed his Rite of Passage. The Bolak known as Gora'gan Massar was cornered into stepping down from his subjects but in retaliation, fought back.

The End

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