The Magorians were one of the first to settle into the new North lands. They first entered what they called Malachar (Majestic Lands), now known as Louenna. Here they built the city Caravhas (Great City) upon Isolea (Icetop Mountains) at the beginning of the Eastern Ravine where now the Great Watch Tower stands. The Magorians where the first great Kingdom of the world and proclaimed their entry into this new world as the first year of a new age known as AEA or After the Exodus from Aradia.

All memory of their past before Aradia was forgotten, lost in time and memory, what was once merely spoken tales became forgotten and was never written down.

The Magorians influence began to spread throughout the land, but their First King, King Messalia fell ill. He was loved by all and so in honour of him, his people set to making him a special tomb in the ravine which they then called Karamalakos (Ravine of Majesty) and his son, Noghal, took to travelling their Kingdom to gain popularity for when he would be King.

The End

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