Lore of Lifrasir

Over many years I tried to create a world with a language, a history and an abundance of tales to be told. Often I would lock the ideas away then come back to them later but I would lose much of my work and so would have to try and remember much and build on it. I did all this so that one day I could write a story, now I have decided to just write the history and let the stories come.

None know where the first being came from. Though some believed that once the world was split into one land and one sea until the stars fell from the sky and split the land and the sea into many and from these stars, great, all-powerful beings were created akin to Gods and they in turn created the beings of Lifrasir... One day the "Gods" decided they could teach the beings no more and so returned to the heavens as the stars to look upon the the world below and guide them in times of darkness whilst watching invisible from afar when all was light.

However most believe that people migrated North from the deep South, known as Aradian or the Scorched Lands thanks to a great rise in temperature. the peoples scattered all across the North and adapted to their own way of living.

This is a compendium of the Lore of Lifrasir created by a Loremaster, detailing the rich and diverse history of the lands and peoples.

The End

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