Lords of Gastown.

A toxic city seems uninhabitable,except for one. This follows her and her search to find civilization and survive and develop.

Lords of Gastown.



     The wooden clock had been there since the beginning, yet no one knew exactly when it had been built. It stood on two magnificent stone pillars, and its brass needed daily shining, but the maintenance men who took care such things were long gone. In fact, everyone was gone. The cobwebs and dust gathering on the surfaces showed our neglect and disregard to our city and things other than those that meant something to us directly.

But all this was a long time ago and really didn't concern me. I did however remember seeing the girl with the grey hair tied in pigtails. I recalled how lost she looked."

She muttered to herself, and began cleaning the ghost town. Nothing else stirred, for it was thought that life was not sustainable there, but somehow, she lived. She examined other houses every day, to make sure they were clean, and that when the people came home, they would have nice houses.  She had come before the other men came. While everyone else was running away, somehow through the mass of people, her figure stood out to me, and I watched her as she stood, defiant, facing the others, while people swarmed around her in every which way, trying to run away.  It was her routine, although she had already accepted the fact that there were no people, to go look. Every afternoon, exectly five minutes before the sun would go down, she would plop herself down on top of the concrete slab that once was an office building, and would watch.  Somehow, today was different. She could feel it.


“Hey, are you awake?” A little boy, not more than three years old, appeared out of some ancient rubble.

“I…” she faltered for a moment, “I didn’t know humans could live here…I thought I was the only one.”

“I thought so too…I felt so scared. Are you my angel? ” His eyes were bright and innocent, and seeing how strong he was, she burst out crying.

“No…I am merely human, but I will watch over you. Do you want to know a secret?” She asked, with watery eyes. “I have special armour, that I was going to give to my little sister, but you can have it.”

“Really? But I think…”

“Here.” She took out a chain necklace and tied it carefully onto him. “You’re safe, now.”


                Finding food proved to be a wearisome task. They did, however, manage to scrounge up some stale meat and a few crackers, still left in the box, although the cover was now faded. They had no taste, except the meat created bitterness and burning in their throats and sickened their stomachs. They kept eating.


            The next day, the acid in their stomachs poured out like a giant waterfall of yellow. It dried quickly, though, since the air was so full of chemicals and had no humidity. The little boy asked questions, as a normal toddler would, and the girl simply answered them.


"What's your name?" His voice was crackly and his skin was ashen and cold.

"Syah. Yours?" She poked at a pile of garbage and chucked some bottles into her bag.

"Matteus. I miss my brothers and sisters...and my family. I used to have one, two, four...What's this?" He drew a number 7 in the sand and she nodded quietly.

"Seven. You had seven brothers and sisters." She repeated in a slow monotone.

"Yeah, and you know what? They loved me."

"Oh yeah?" Syah looked down cockily at him and raised her eyebrows; she had heard that one before.

"Really! I swear!"

"Then why are you the only one?"

"I'm...immune. My mom gave me this potion, and she died when I was small, but she sent me out to wait by the store, and said she would pick me up. She gave me a special potion and gave it to me. I guess I went to sleep, because I couldn't find home. I woke up inside a huge metal vat, and there were these people all around me with their faces pressed outside the metal, which was see-through. They wanted to get in, but I had the potion."

"I see." She nodded again, and their nightly ritual of tucking in and making a nice soft bed for Matteus began again, after eating, and before stories.

The End

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