Milex could feel Merrys eyes burning into the back of his head. Merry had been staring at him for some time. Almost trying to see inside of Milex. He noticed this and decided to break the ice.
'So... What were you doing at Rivendell?' Milex said awkwardly.
We couldn't tell him. He would know about the ring then. Although, it had been two years since Frodo destroyed it...
I looked to Merry and Sam, they shook their heads.
'None of your buissness.' Merry said rudely. I knew he didn't trust Milex, but he didn't have to show it. I nudged him in the ribs from across the gap in between the horses.
'Ow!' He said, obviously not in pain; I didn't do it hard. He glared at me with annoyance. I gave him my "You-deserved-it" look. He turned away, knowing I was right.

We rode for days. Only having one or two small meals a day. I started to get thinner, this happened before, when we were with the Ring. Silence filled the air as we ate, with nothing to talk about.
Merry had started to notice something though. Milex, stealing food.
'Wait! Milex stole more food!' Merry shouted to us.
'What?' Milex said innocently. 'I didn't steal anything.'
'Come on guys.' Said Sam trying to calm everyone down.
As everyone walked on Milex gave Merry a really evil smirk, like the one Tom gave Jerry when he worked out how to kill him, but 10 times worse...

We rode with no disturbance of any kind. Also with no talking, apart from Milex and Nevaran talking Elvish, I had never learned it so I didn't know what they were saying. One night I woke from a dream, Frodo killing an Uruk-Hai, which was impossible. I shook it off and looked at the others, Merry:Sleeping, Sam: Sleeping, Nevaran: Snoring like a hog and Milex: Eating the food...
Wait! Milex, stealing food! I stood up quickly and sneaked over to Merry, Milex didn't notice, he was too busy stuffing his face.
'Merry!' I whispered to him, shaking him. He stirred and made a funny gurgling noise. Milex didn't hear, phew! Still stuffing his gob like the pig I now knew he was.


The End

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