Porto the Windlord

Bilbo sat on the edge of Frodos bed. He looked at his nephew while he slept. A violent coughing fit soon woke him though. Bilbo watched as Frodo coughed, the poor boy, he thought.
'Uncle?' Frodo asked wondering where Bilbo was.
'I'm here, Frodo.' He stroked Frodos hand gently. Frodo flinched at the touch. Bilbo drew his hand away quickly.
'I'm sorry.' Frodo sighed.
'Where is Gandalf?' Frodo asked weakly.
'He left for Gondor, remember?'
'Oh yes. How will he get over the sea?'
'He shall ride on a Windlord.' Frodo remembered the eagles.

Gandalf rode swifly to the sea. Only took him a day without resting. Shadowfax was smooth as.. (yep,) butter. There at the open sea, Porto the Windlord met him, although Porto was not the biggest nor strongest, he was the fastest. That is why Gandalf chose him to carry him to the shore of Gondor. Gandalf got on him silently and Shadowfax lept on with grace. It was hard for Porto to carry both a horse and his rider, but he did it anyway. Over the sea they flew, they would be doing that for some days.
All was silent on the journey to Gondor.

The End

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