We rode most of the day, at the time us hobbits would be having dinner (5th meal out of the 7) we were having lunch, our second meal of the day, we had stopped near a forest, I didn't recognise it. No one had talked for the whole of the journey and still no one was talking. Until I coughed REALLY loudly, thats me just had to spoil an awkward moment. We ate the green apples we had found in our bag after leaving the Bombadils. The juicy juice (i had to say that) ran down my chin and Merry smiled at me.

Suddenly behind us we heard a rustling of leaves, even though there was no wind or rain today. Only a person could have made that noise, it might've been a hobbit, we were basically still in the Shire, on the borders really.
I stood up and searched the wood with my eyes, I couldn't see anything, Nevaran was also standing and looking. He suddenly shouted,
'WHOS THERE?' It echoed through the wood. Nevaran drew the sword he kept in his belt. Merry and Sam had stood up and were now looking with us.
Our eyes darted round, I could feel someone watching me but I couldn't see who.

Then suddenly, a creature in the distance laughed, not an evil one, just an ordinary laugh, like someone had just told a joke. I didn't recognise the laugh, but Nevaran did. He put away his sword and smiled.
'Oh! Come out you!' He shouted to the laughter. A man walked out of the wood, chuckling. He was a short man. Shorter than Nevaran but definately taller than me. As he came into focus I noticed a scar on the left side of his face, three long scratches from the bottom of his eye to his jaw-line.
'Hobbits!' The man looked at me, Sam and Merry. Hobbits do not like to be called hobbits by someone they do not know, it makes us feel small and non-fitting in the world.
Sams face grew red.
'Sam, Merry and Pippin.' Nevaran said, pointing us out to the man.
'And who exactly might you be?' Merry said angrily.
'This is Milex. He has been my friend for most of my life.' (By the way, pronounced Mee-lex) The two men hugged a manly hug, patting each other on the back. (Nevaran had to bend down a bit to hug him.)

‘I have come to aid you on your quest. I know where you are going and where you have come from.’ Milex said to Nevaran.
Merry was still not buying it though, I could tell he didn’t like Milex. He glared at him like a lifelong enemy, I patted Merry on the shoulder which calmed him down, he took a big breath in. I looked at Merry, this was weird, I had known him to hate strangers, but this was a bit more than hate, this was loathing. (It didn't help he was tired)
'How can we believe you?' Merry said, 'You could be an imposter.'
'Yes. Well, I'm not. I am Milex Grunule of Rivendell, son of Elrond of Rivendell. I am half-elf.' He said staring hard at Merry, Merry stared back until he heard the name Elrond, we all did.
'Did you say Elrond?' I asked excitedly.
Nevaran and Milex frowned at us. ‘Yes...’ said Milex.
‘He’s your father?’ Merry said suspiciously.  Milex nodded slowly.
I looked at Sam, Sam looked at Merry and Merry kept looking at Milex who stared back. Nevaran’s eyes looked into air.
‘How do you know him?’ Milex finally said.
‘We met him at Rivendell...’ Merry gave me a look to stop talking.

‘We had better be off then.’ Milex said swinging his arms. We packed lazely and set off once again. He had no horse, but Nevaran insisted on Milex riding as well as him on his horse.




The End

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