Setting off

I was woken by a kettle screaming and Nevaran shaking me to get up. We had slept in the room we slept before, all of us fitted in there along with Nevaran. Merry was still snoring in the corner bed. I brushed Nevaran’s hand away like a fly, wanting to still sleep; we had got to bed late last night after lots of talking about Frodo. After we had told Tom and Goldberry about his illness they almost cried, they don’t like anything to die, especially not a friend.

Finally I thought what was at stake and got up quickly. A headrush hit me so I sat on the bed, while Nevaran woke up Merry. I had slept in my clothes so I didn't need to change. Same as everyone.
We walked to the kitchen quickly and had a small breakfast, (small for a hobbit, big for Nevaran) and we set up the horses, Amanta was glossy as the sun gleamed off her coat.
I had mixed emotions as I mounted her, reluctant to leave because I liked Tom, Goldberry and Juniors hospitality, but I wanted to go because I couldn't let Frodo die.

'Thank you.' Nevaran said from all of us to Tom, Goldberry and Junior. Sam had tears in his eyes as we left, (just like Sam). I waved to them and followed Nevaran and Sam, Merry followed after me. Our horses walked sadly away, occasionally looking back, like they wanted to stay there. Nevaran encouraged his white horse to trot, so did we. (ours had to canter after a while, for ours were hobbits horses, much shorter than Nevarans).


Frodo came to. He stirred. Bilbo and Gandalf sighed with relief. It was morning now and the suns first beams shone through the open window at Frodo. He vaughly remembered something, a great pain. He did not remember anything else of that night. Bilbo and Gandalf had watched over him like (non-melting) butter on toast, (I know, weird thing to say but thats how best describes it). Now Frodo was waking and it seemed he was ok. Gandalf did a quick (and I mean quick) examination of him. It seemed the illness had gotton worse, Frodo would not be able to do much now, no getting out of bed, not even much talking, no nothing.
'What?' Frodo said weakly, trying to regain his strength.
'Frodo. You must not move. I used very powerful magic on you. It could kill you. But I must leave now I know you are safe.' Gandalf said, collecting his staff.
'Wait!' Frodo suddenly felt an urge of energy. 'Wait! Why are you leaving? I don't understand!' He said like he had said all those years before.
'I am going to Gondor. To meet with Aragorn. You shall be safe in your Uncles hands. Do not expect my return for some days. I need to ride for a long time, at least for 50 days and nights until I reach Gondor. Good bye, my dear Hobbits.' He left. Bilbo looked just as clueless as Frodo.

Bilbo went to the window, Frodo tried to get up and follow him, but he could not, it hurt him a lot, there was a pain in his side where he had been bleeding the night before. Out the window, Bilbo saw Gandalf call Shadowfax, the Lord of all horses and ride off with much haste.


The End

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