Old Tom Bombadil

We entered the house. It brung back memories; nothing had changed. I remembered the day we first came into this house with Frodo, we had stayed here some nights under the kindly hospitality of Tom and Goldberry.

'Go into the kitchen. I will get my mother and father.' Junior pointed to the kitchen and ran into another room. He did look a bit like his father, I thought to myself, the same rosy cheeks and not the skinniest of people.
Merry and I wondered around the small kitchen, while Sam sadly sat at the wooden table in the middle of the room and Nevaran awkwardly leant against the table. I saw a pot of flowers I remembered from all those years ago, they were still there, which I let go, lots of things were being weird around here lately.

A few minutes later we heard 'THEY ARE HERE? REALLY?' It certanly shocked Sam, (he fell off his chair!). It was Tom shouting, Junior had obviouly told him that we were here and that was his response. I smiled along with Merry as we helped Sam up. After we had got Sam back on his chair, Junior followed by his mother and father came in.
'Tom!' Merry said and rushed over.
'Goldberry!' I said, looking at the gorgeous woman and running over too.
'How wonderful to see you again!' Sam was saying as he followed us with Nevaran.
We just expected Tom to say 'Hello!' and all that but he actually gave us a big bear hug. A warm glowing hug. I hoped it would never end. Finally he let us go. He beamed a big smile at us as did Goldberry. We beamed back at them, their smiles could make anything better... except a friend dying.

'Hello! What brings you to the merry house of Tom Bombadil?' Tom said chuckling. Our smiles faded as we told him the story of Sam and Aragorns letters and of Nevaran. We sat round the table, (bit squashed up but we are small so it didn't really matter).

After we had finished telling our story, Sam telling most of it with accasional butts-in from me or Merry, Tom offered us a bed for the night as it was getting dark. We accepted this offer, but we would have to get moving at dawn.

The End

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