We were riding through the Shire. As fast as we could. We rode for days and days. Eventually, we came to a place we very much recognised, Tom Bombadils land. We had not realised before where we were because we had gone around the swampy forest, instead of through it.
The first joy in days coursed through my viens, we could see our old friend again as well as the fair Lady Goldberry, Toms wife.
Merry jumped off his horse, and I jumped off mine. Sam wanted to move on, he did not remember this place which I thought odd. I reminded him of Tom and Goldberry, then he understood. Nevaran however had no clue why this place was so important. We told him the story of Tom Bombadil and his Goldberry.
Suddenly we heard a voice coming out of the misty day singing

Hey dol! Merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

The song that Tom sang us when we first met him! It was a tune you wouldn't forget easily and we did not forget it, ever. But it didn't really sound like Tom singing, yes it had the same jollyness and life to it but not the same voice.
The person singing it stepped out of the forest behind us, we turned around to see a young man, younger than Tom.
'Hello there!' He called.
'Hello.' Nevaran said awkwardly.
'Do you know Tom Bombadil?' I asked quickly, I really did want to see him again.
'Know him! Hes my father!' Now that shocked us all. This boy was about thirteen in big people years. But we had not seen Tom in only three years! How could this boy have progressed this quickly? Or had it really been thirteen years?
'I take it you know him then?' The boy asked looking at Nevaran.
'Not me. The Hobbits seem to though. What is your name?' Nevaran replied.
'My name is also Tom Bombadil. Junior.' He added when we looked at him funny.
'My father told me of you folk once. He said people smaller than us, but bigger than the ground. He said you look like children to us, but I don't really think you do.' He eyed us carefully.
'Do you want to see my father? I would guess you do.' He anwered his own question. 'Come on then!' He shouted, running towards the little house.
We ran after him with smiles on our hot faces. We reached the house and Tom Junior was waiting for us.
'So Tom. How old are you?' Sam asked, much more into convorsation now.
'Please, call me Junior, everybody does.' He didn't answer Sams question.

We entered the house.

The End

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