The last Uruk-Hai

Frodo was lying in bed. Awake, staring at the swirling ceiling. Gandalf and Bilbo were speaking quietly in the corner, thinking he was asleep. Frodo caught some of the convorsation. '...illness...worse...what do we do?' Bilbo was saying, Frodo couldn't hear what Gandalf replied. Gandalf must have known Frodo was awake for after he replied he turned and smiled at Frodo. He walked over, closely followed by Bilbo. They were both smiling very odd and suspiously.
Frodo looked past them at the window as he sat up. It was dark except it wasn't normal dark, it was scary dark. The type of dark you get when you know someone is watching you at night, but you don't know who.

'Frodo? What is it?' Bilbo asked worridly. Frodo realised he had been looking at the window for some time now.
'Nothing.' He answered hastily, then rethought, 'Well actually, I thought I saw something but I guess it was nothing.' He coughed violently and the smiles faded. Frodo fell back onto the bed, exhausted from doing nothing.
Poor boy, thought Bilbo. Bilbo had tried to stay with Frodo all through the illness, but he knew he wouldn't make it. He had always thought himself to die before Frodo, as he was one-hundred and thirteen. He should have been dead quite a few years ago. But the power of the Ring was still working, just. He still had a year or two left in him. He dismally looked out the window. He, too, had the feeling someone was watching him from the shadows. Gandalf followed Bilbos gaze. His face hardened, he rushed outside followed by Bilbo and Frodo.
'Frodo. Go back. You do not know whats out there.' Gandalf said as they ran down the marble stairs in the Home, Frodo slacking a bit with the rush of sudden excersise.

They reached the garden. Gandalf was carrying his staff with one hand like a sword about to strike someone. Frodo leant against a tree as he tried to regain his energy.
There was a rustling in the holly bushes beside them. They jumped altogether. Facing the bush, Gandalf walked slowly up to it.

Suddenly, a creature leaped out at them, grunting as he missed Gandalf by inches as he swerved out the way.
The creature stood before them, panting. Frodo looked at it closely, (but not too closely). It was an Uruk-Hai. The Last Uruk-Hai.
Frodo fell back, astonished. They had all been wiped out according to Aragorn. O Aragorn, Frodo remembered travelling with the man he knew as Strider, not knowing his fate. He wished he could go back in time, just to relive those precious moments. Precious, that reminded him of Gollum, how he hadn't trusted Sam when he should have.

This Uruk-Hai was worse than all the others they had seen. He was bigger, taller and looked meaner than the rest. He bared his rotting teeth at them. Bilbo just stared speechlessly and backed against the wall.
'Cainecar. I thought we would meet again.' Gandalf said menacingly.
'Gandalf. You know this... thing?' Frodo exclaimed.
The thing Gandalf called Cainecar growled at Frodo, scaring him a little bit.
'Sadly yes. I have met this Uruk-Hai before. He is the master of all Uruk-Hai and Orcs.' Gandalf said. 'But now, he shall die.'
Cainecar lept at Gandalf. Gandalf got out the way just in time, but as Frodo did not expect an attack that quickly, he was just next to Gandalf, he did not jump out the way quick enough. Cainecar landed on Frodo with a thump, they wrestled. Cainecar at least three times the size of poor Frodo. Cainecar was aiming for the stomach, he did not carry a sword, only his teeth as weapons. Gandalf drew his sword he picked up after they ran down the marble stairs. Cainecars skin was hard like armour, it took Gandalf a few tries to get the sword through Cainecar. Finally he was dead. But now Frodo was bleeding. Not a small but not large gash lay across Frodos stomach.
'Frodo!' Bilbo ran over to his nephew and threw the dead body of Cainecar off him.
'Quick. We must make haste in getting him inside.' Gandalf said.
They started carrying Frodo, he was breathing was rapid. Bilbo feared for Frodos life. He was already very sick he shouldnt get out of bed for anything. Let alone get injured.
They put him in the bed.
Gandalf muttered something to Frodo, a spell. Commanding his wound to get better. The blood grew gold and healed over. Frodo was unconsious.

The End

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