Sam and I ran back to our houses. Packing fast. I was just throwing anything I could find in my dark green bag. I debated with myself, whether I should pack or put on my Elven cloak. This cloak had no colour, in bright light it would look a shimmery gold, but in normal light, it was a leaf green colour.
I decided to put it on, as Sam was doing up the road.

Merry was questioning Nevaran.
'What race are you?' He asked for Nevaran was obviously not man nor Elf, and it would be very surprising if he was a hobbit for he was the height of a large man.
'I am a Mellka. The last of my kind.' He said bowing his head.
'What, what is a Mellka?' Stammered Merry. He had never heard of them before as there was only Nevaran as the last one.
'We are quick. Not as quick as Elves though. We can be invisible if we want, or centre of attention. Our horses never disobey us, we ride like a shadow. Dark and swift.'
Nevaran stopped his speech, for it looked as though Merry was intriged, he was also very tired; he looked asleep on his feet.
'I am sorry I have come at such a late hour, but I had to deliver the message.'

At that moment Sam and I burst in the door, not bothering to knock.
'We got our stuff.' I said.
'Then let us ride!' Nevaran strode out the door (or tried to stride, it didn't really work though, because the door is too small for him.)

We followed him. Merry, Sam and I went to the stables to get three of Merrys horses. He let us choose which one we thought fast and fit. Sam chose a brown horse, much like Bill had been. (but it was called Fred)
I chose a black one. She was stunning, Amanta her name was. I never forgot the way her glossy coat shone in the moonlight.
But enough about her.

We were on the road again. Just like the old days, escaping from Nazgul, going to Mordor, that sort of stuff.
We were asking Nevaran all sorts of things, when he set out from Gondor, how long will it take to get there and when did Aragorn recieve the letter from Gandalf, though this he did not know.

We rode fast. The road took us along side the Brandywine river and across the bridge that lay flat across it.

The End

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