Aragorns letter

My Dearest Hobbit Friends,

I hope this has arrived in haste to you. Nevaran has done well. He is my messenger and should be trusted with all your hearts.

Not two days ago I received a letter. It was from Gandalf the Gray, from the Gray Havens. He says Frodo is dangerously ill.
The boat has left for the last time to go to the Havens. We must make haste in meeting. I have arranged Nevaran to take you back. I trust you still have horses. He will lead you to Gondor. Then you and I shall ride together. We will go to the Gray Havens.

Although we might not be able to cure Frodo, I should think he would think it nice if we were all there with him.

Along your way Legolas and Gimli shall join you. You will pass through Lothlorien, they are both there, awaiting your arrival.

Gandalf said there will not be much time for Frodo. Frodo started getting ill a few days ago, but it has progressed greatly throughout his body.
He also said Frodo sent a letter to Sam just after he was diagnosed. For he can no longer write. He will not be able do do anything in a matter of days, Gandalf says. Although Gandalf says he tries to keep high spirits, he tries to walk and run but Bilbo and Gandalf can see it hurts him.

I will be awaiting your arrival.

Aragorn, King of Gondor

The End

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