Knock in the night

Sleeping was hard for me, and I think Sam and Merry couldn't sleep either. Merry was sleeping (or just lying awake) in his bed next to the mattress and sheet I had on the floor, then Sam next to Merry on another mattress.

A few hours past and I got impatient waiting for sleep, suddenly Sam sniffed loudly, he was obviously crying. Merry sighed no quieter than Sam had sniffed.
Suddenly a knock at the door made all of us jump. Who would be knocking at this time of night? I thought to myself.
Merry flung himself out of bed and ran to the door. Sam and I jogged behind.
We found Merry with the door open staring at someone we couldn't see. We came closer. A man stood there, no one we knew.
'Greetings. Hobbits of the Shire. Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took.' His voice was low and gruff.
He just strode in! Just like he owned the place (although he had to duck)! I could see his white horse standing outside in the rain.
Merry shut the door bewildered, then he marched into the small kitchen to where the man was. Sitting on a small chair surrounding the wooden table.

'My name is Nevaran son of Belegran. I was sent here to deliver this message from the King of Gondor.' His gruff voice echoed loudly.
Aragorn! I thought to myself, it was Aragorn! He was the King of Gondor. Was he not?
'Let us see the message!' I cried with urgency.
'Yes! Let us!' Cried Sam, forgetting his worries for the moment.

'Ok. Here is the letter.' Nevaran gave them a folded bit of paper. It looked damp from travelling with Nevaran.

They read together...

The End

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