We ran. Faster than I had ran in two years. It felt nice having the wind in my hair, I didn't go out much because I only had two friends. (And they were quite depressing, you know, about Frodo going to the Gray Havens and all that. Not that I wasn't sad. But I get very sad in bursts, then it all goes away. I don't like showing my emotions in words. I sing about them instead.)

So there we were, me and Sam, Sam and I, running down the dusty track in the Shire. Out of Bag End and to near the Brandywine river. There lying on the bank was a small hobbit house, belonging to Meriadoc Brandybuck. (Everyone knows him as Merry though)

Knock, Knock, Knock went Sams (a little bit podgey) hand on the old wooden door.
It was getting dark now, must've been about five or nearly five, the time when we Hobbits have one of our seven meals a day.
'MERRY! Merry!' I shouted, tears built up, remembering why we were there.
We heard a noise like someone turning the handle and sure enough, Merry opened the circular door. He looked tired, like he hadn't slept in ages. Sam buslted past him into the small kitchen. I followed and Merry shut the door, still looking out.

I found Sam in the kitchen, green tiles tiled everywhere. His green Elf-made cloak was hanging up in the hallway, I could see.
'Merry. Why do you look so tired?' I asked, Sam hadn't said anything. He was still too speechless.
'I haven't been having much sleep lately but, oh, never mind.' Merry yawned and sat on a wooden chair that surounded a round table. I sat down next to him, and Sam next to me.
I looked at Merry very carefully, checking all his features, his eyes seemed dull, almost lifeless.
'What do you want from me?' Merry groaned. He really wasn't being himself, it was like he had the news already. The news.
'Well. Merry. Sam recived a... a letter... from... from...' I stammered. 'From Frodo.' I said quickly.
Sam handed him the letter he had held in his hand for all the time. Merry opened it fast and read it through, twice. Everyone was as quiet as a house when the owners were on holiday.

Merry finished the letter and looked down. We couldn't see his face, but we could see him shaking. And tears falling onto the table. He sniffed loudly.
Sam took back the letter while Merry stood up, not wanting to be seen crying. We understood.
My voice sang quietly.

We shall leave to save our friend,
Even if illness we cannot mend,
We shall stand by him,
And watch as the light grows dim,
And even if he...

I couldn't go on. I felt tears coming on too, and Sam was already crying. Merry returned wiping his even redder eyes with a tissue.
'Yes.' Merry choked. 'We shall leave. Even if we do not return.'
We looked at him. Past him I could see it was almost pitch-black now.
Merry turned and looked out the window.
'Oh. I guess you should stay the night. I'll go make some beds up.'
Merry slumped off to the large bedroom. We would all be sleeping in there tonight. On Merrys small mattresses.
Though we knew none of us would sleep.

The End

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