Sam finished reading the letter with tears in his eyes. His Frodo, dying, he couldn't bear the thought, so folded up the letter with extreme carefulness and closed his eyes as tears ran down his cheeks.

'Hi, honey.' Rosie's golden voice sang through the small kitchen, then she realised her husband, 'Oh, my! Sam! What is it, darling?' She walked smoothly over to him and looked him in his green eyes. He tried to make out nothing was wrong, he wiped the tears with his sleeve and sniffed quietly, he didn't look her in the eyes.
'Nothing, nothing. Just... nothing.' Sam said slowly.
His eldest daughter entered the room at that point, her brown curls hanging gently on her shoulders.
'Mummy. Why are Daddys eyes all red?' Eleanor tried to whisper but it came out sounding in voice like a whisper but people could hear it in Mordor. (Well not that far away but Sam could hear it.)
'Don't worry, El.' Sam turned to Rosie, 'I need to take a walk. Think things over. I don't know when I shall be back.'
He turned to leave but stopped when Rosie shouted after him.
'Sam. Please. Whats wrong? I can help.' Sam stopped on the path leading away from their house under the hill.
I highly doubt that, Sam thought to himself. He had put the letter from Frodo in his pocket.
He marched off quickly, he had to tell Merry and Pippin about the letter.
'Good-bye Rosie.' He shouted as he broke into a run, fresh tears broke out.

The End

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