Lord of The Rings

This is a book (obviously) about Lord of the Rings, (really?!)
Basically it wont make sense unless you have read the books or seen the films. Its like a few years later. (btw its in modern talk, not all the old talk they do in the books.)
Basically Frodo is in the Gray Havens and he gets ill and is about to die so Sam, Pippin and Merry try to get to him and save him. Along with Nevaran the Mellka they set off. When they get there though someone else gets it....
(written as Pippin)

My Dearest Sam,

It has been two years to the day I left for the Gray Havens, but it feels like a million and one.
The Gray Havens is more maraculous than ever I thought. Silver castles built around trees. Trees. There isn't a place in the world where you can't find a tree, except for Mordor, but that will soon change with the work the Elves are doing on it.
My way of getting this here to you was nearly easy, I had to pull a few strings but eventually the Elves let me send this letter back on a boat and delievered to you.

I fear my days are coming to an end.

I feel weak, almost like cool butter melting rapidly. The Elves cannot explain my being ill but I hear them say it will kill me. Gandalf has done all he can and Bilbo is always with me, but that won't stop it.

I should just like to say, Sam, that if I die. I would like you to know you were the best friend I have ever had. You were with me through all the lows and highs but I decided to leave and that was my choice. So you cannot get a reply back to me, I hope this has answered all your questions.

Thank you Sam, for everything


The End

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