Lord Of The Flames Part Three

Before it even got close, a long rope of fire whipped out and batted it
aside. In return, the heat intensified, sapping my strength even
further. I was now fighting to stay upright.

"Where are your manners? Remember, you greet each other when
you meet." When I didn't say anything, but continued to stare at
him with pure hatred, he continued.

"No greeting? Ah well, you can at least bow." The last word
reverberated with power, and I felt unseen forces pressing on my
body. I glared at him, but I was too weak to keep it up for long. My
mind gave way and my body bent forwards at a right angle. He
laughed and I straightened up as soon as the spell let up.

"What do you want from me?" I said through gritted teeth. I drew
my sword, the firelight glinting off the silver blade. He smiled and
the blade glowed red. I cursed and dropped it as the handle burnt
my hand.

"Want? Nothing," he said, a rare glint momentarily lighting up his
eyes. An instant of light in those black black eyes was even scarier.

So I didn't see the ball of fire coloured spell-light, which actually
was flaming slightly, until it was too late. I tried to get out of the
way, but it didn't work. It hit me square in the chest, paralysing my
entire nervous system before I could shout. I fell to the ground,
landing heavily being unable to catch myself. Help! I screamed in
my mind. Someone help! Fire! He bent down in front of me.

"No... I want nothing from you." He flicked his fingers at my forehead. My head suddenly exploded with such an intense burning pain that I
screamed once and then blacked out.

The End

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