Lord Of The Flames Part Two

I couldn't actually see him, only a dark silhouette against the bright flames. I wanted to turn away, to run, but I was rooted to the spot. When anyone used magic liked this, it seriously annoyed me. He was annoying to start with. 

No. I shook my head angrily.

"Nullify," I said under my breath, and instantly the feeling ebbed. It
didn't disappear completely though - my body was in no state to do
any particularly high level magic. Then I said, "Reveal."

I looked again. The man - if He could be called a man - was
completely changed. His body was pretty much the same, as in very
good looking human, but his face was nothing like that. His hair was
a deep, shimmering brown streaked with multi shaded red, from the
bright scarlet of fresh blood to the orangey colour of a flickering fire.
But his eyes were the black off total and utter darkness, and even
with the ring of fire burning brightly around us, they reflected no
light whatsoever. I knew that. I'd known that from before. But still,
those eyes scared me.

I curled my fingers towards my palm again, not speaking the spell I
wanted. I didn't need to speak to cast spells, it was just a habit.
Golden light swirled into a sphere in my hand.

"Good evening, Amaya," he said. His voice was gravelly and he
made no attempt to hide the glee and, quite frankly, evil, in his tone.

"Shut up," I said, pulling back my arm and throwing the spell with
all my strength towards him.

The End

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