Lord Of The Flames

Like most sentient beings, humans are afraid of fire. So when the forest behind me burst into flame, I started running.

I ran like all hell had broken loose, which I suppose could have been true. There was certainly more than enough burning. 

"Speed," I muttered, curling my fingers inwards as the silver spell-light swirled into existence and formed a small glowing sphere. I concentrated and then closed my eyes so the flash wouldn't blind me. I felt the wind rushing past me intensify as the spell took hold.

Even though the spell didn't blind me, it was certainly bright enough to tell everything within several miles exactly where I was. Damn.

The trees on either side of me flared up like paper. I could see the fire in front of me, racing ahead of me even with my spell enhanced speed.

The flames burned everything, slowly spreading to block my path with a wall of fire. I tried to get out, but I knew with a sick feeling in my stomach that I wasn't going to make it. I skidded to a halt and turned round.

I was surrounded by fire, the ring of flames dancing and crackling all around. My heart sank as I realised that I was trapped.

Then the canopies of the nearest trees were suddenly ablaze, and with a cracking sound, broke free from their trees and fell.

And that's when the fire parted and He stepped through.

The End

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