I feel........... Indestructible

A head first veiw towards this demon was not a very fun nor awesome sight, the demon fires the ball of flames , and I know this time its not going to miss. I hold my right hand out instinctively, and close my eyes.  I feel the scorching ball of flames on my palm , and explode yet I feel no pain.  I open my eyes to see that the energy from the fire was being blasted directly down on the demon. He hits the ground creating a small crater and a sending dirt hurtling violently through the hair. I follow afterwords impacting the ground on my back, this time I feel pain but nothing like a broken bone. 

" What is with this?" I ask my self bolting up , but wincing in pain.

My oppenent was up , and instead of using his fireball strategy he was stepping it up a notch by swirling the flames around his wrist , and these concentrated blast of flames come at me. I dodge the first few but I do make mistake , and get off balance and get pegged by these concentrated blast of flames, I fly backwards as something burning hot augers into my skin. I give out a shout of pain. I crash through a tree , and roll onto my feet. My wound was deep but courtirized for me, I didn't have to worry about infections.

I hold the wound all the nerve ending screaming in pain.  The demon is rushing after me by the sounds of footsteps , and the air slightly catching on fire.  I needed a weapon or atleast of means of using magic.  I see a flaming fist coming for me I roll to the right it looks like under this amount of pain I still had good reflexes. The demon also demonstrates incredible speed but turning and quickly jumping onto me and begins to punching me at an nearly unseeable rate. I was losing big time here. The blue aura from early comes , and I can feel strength surging through me. I catch a fist and kick the demon off me.

"Not as weak as you look." Demon mutters , more flames burst from him.

I feel my face still no pain. I feel....... Indestructble. Now to make me feel more badassed I want to learn how to use magic.


The End

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