Hand to hand with a demon can hurt

 Man this place is too open. I think to my self as a fire ball sende me head first flying through the air. I hit the ground on spring back onto my feet , my jacket on fire I take it off , and throw it into the air wich take a fire balls ball making a burning hot concussive wave. I was thrown to the ground , I couldn't see the others, and by the time I got back up the demon was in front of me. His arms where crossed but had a fireball at the ready in his right hand.

" Hiya there, I don't suppose you can give me a break here , and let me have a headstart?"  I ask sounding much braver than I felt. 

" No."

" Get a sense of humor will ya?" I say then make a fake to the right then rolled to the left. The demon didn't fall fore it , and a fireball shot by my face , and exploded on the ground below me. Not only was I engulfed in flames, and was hurtling up into the sky.  I coer my face until I find my self cooling off. I was lucky I didn't get too badly burnt from that but I could honestly say  I abosolutely needed some new clothes.  I begin to fall back down to the earth.

" This is gonna hurt." I say as the demon shoots out from his fire ball, and was making a new one, " No fair." I complain.

The End

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