" Now if anyone of the people even went into a fight with me the wouldn't even last half as long as this battle , and you still beat me. Pure soul deosnt mean anything about actions , and what you do. It means your soul has no flaws with the way it connects to bodies with no problems, there is no delays in reflexes, and learning time is usually cut down. Have you ever taken long amounts of time to learn something, or has it really only taken a few minutes to a few hours?" 

I thought about the question for a moment, he did hit the spot right on, I always got things he continued on, " Also now that people , and demons have been playing with your soul like a kids toy , and irratated it other signs will become very apparent." 

I kick the dirt on the ground into the air. Kail suddenly gets on edge , and looks very aware. Even one began to adjust equipment and retie laces. I did the same , and asked, " What's up?"

" I'm partially a demon , ad I can tell you right now in approximaitely 5 minutes no ones gonna want to be here." She says  , then grabs the sword she lent me earlier , and strapped it to her waist.

" What about..." I was cut short.

" Wrong , you don't want to be here now." An eery voice says from above.

" Move , run!" Koroth shouts , and we all oblige as a massive fireball impact the ground. Man I really would like a break from evil demons , and magic.

The End

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