I do as he tells me too even though technically it isn't my sword , but I draw.

" This is insane." I mutter under my breath.

" Alright Shaden you go first." Koroth tells me.

" Yep this is insane."  I mutter then make the first move. 

I charge forwards , and place the my much smaller sword under Koroths and push up getting him off balance. I though that was a good idea, but Koroth was damm quick and his large sword swung down at me. I quickly readjust my swords arc  and  blocked the edge of his blade but the momentum in the swing sent me to the right. I held my ground but was off balance , and took the advantage to roll out of the way of another swing from Koroth. I could have sworn I've never been this fast before.  I get up to my feet ,Koroths large broad sword jabbing at my face I take a small sidestep and go forwards , and swing my smaller sword at the hilt of Koroths hilt.

Koroths swords jumps in his hand but he gets control of it and slaps me with the flat  end rolling me onto the ground.  I look up and he is slicing down. I didn't have the time to roll so I bring my hands up to the flat bit of my own blade to block. I see the two blades collide and sparks begin to shoot everywhere. The sound of the two blades grinding hurt my ears.  Around Koroth a cirlce of white light surrounds him , and his strength seem to increase his blade  pushing mine down until the point there is only 3 inches between my body and the two blades.  The muscles in my arms begin to scream at me but I don't want to listen to them.  Koroth smiles in anticipation and he begins to emanate more white light. His sword started to creep lower onto my body.

In my head something snaps , and my arms begin to get incased in a blue energy , and for whatever reason Koroths swords was becomeing infinitely lighter to the point I could hold him off one handed. Whatever just happened to is wierd but I liked it alot. With my left hand I tap hit the ground to standing , making Koroth slide back. I follow with a swing down , as my swords acrs downwards I see the ground crack from a slight releaes of enregy which blows Koroth away.  That ended the battle , and apparently proved Koroth's point.

The End

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