The others shortly follow after me and the little hole we just shot out of realeased a cloud of scorching flames. The guy who I presumed to be the leader got up first. The palm of his hands glowing white. He lunged forwards and a shockwave crumbles destroys the cave enterance probably crushing some zombies in the process.

" Wow , I thought I was goner guys. Thanks so much my name is Shaden." I begin the conversation getting up.

" Your are one talkative person , arent you." The leader guy snarls.

" Um yeah its sorta human nature. We are social being you know?" I say quite plainly.

The guy just turns his head in distaste , his shining white hair gliding nicely above his shoulders. Man this guy was boring , but I get with that face , and hair girls are probably all over him. I decide to walk up to the girl who had saved me early. 

" Thanks for what you did for me. I guess you already heard my name so whats yours?" I ask.

" Kail, and don't be too afraid of Koroth , He may be our leader but he rarily takes his mind off mission or anything that doesn't have to do with whats going on. So he appears colf but we all just think he doesn't know how to act socially."Kail tells me.

" Oh that makes sense." 

Someone taps my back.

" Hey Shaden , you don't have to thank us for saving you its an honor. By the way my name is Chase." This rather brawny muscual guy says with a large , long, silver blade , with at that hilt was embeded a red jewel with it I could see flames in it.

" Why would it be an honor?" I ask. Like honestly how could I be a pure soul , I'm definetly not goody goody two shoes. Koroth turns around his long broadsword only an inch a way from my throat.

" Did you not heed a word the undead , man and the lord of corruption said?" He says through clenched teeth his yellow eyes sizing me up.

" Yeah I heard them but like hell do I have a pure soul!"  I shout a little loudly.

" Idiot , fight me and observe the fact you can beat me even though you have no knowledge of  sword play." He says , and backs up.

Kail , and chase stared at us but I got up.  Looks like I had no way of getting myself out of this one.

" Draw your blade." Koroth tells me.


The End

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