Like a bat out of hell. Without the bat part.

Flames seem to consume the place as we run, I catch up to the group who save my bottom back there quite quickly.

" I really have to thank you guys!" I yell over a huge roar of flames.

They ignore me as we continue to run like crazy passing zombies , and other undead creatures they gave chase but I think they we also running away from this scorching flame. Up ahead I see a large toppled over pillar making a narrow bridge over a huge canyone with a river of lava. How cliche is that?  As we came up to it I saw the other side had a massive crowd of brain dead zombies. The possiblilites of leaving this burning hot cave that I should presume to be hell became very, very narrow.  As the pillar got closer I looked behind me the flaming wall , flaming zombies, and the houses sized rocks that where also and fire did not look all that inviting.

" Yep I choose zombies that." I try to start up conversation.

" Can you shutup, it may not be obviouse too you but we are trying to get out alive!" The guy with shiny silver hair said.

I Guessed he was the leader from the way he seemed to boss everyone about. We get  halfway across the pillar before we the oppoising sides forces try to block our escape. The guy who was leading us drew his sword in one strong swing did he made a red like arc of energy crash through the undead forces killing or throwing them off the pillar. I was breathless, that I though humans could never do. We got off the pillar our pace speeding up as so did the wall of flame , and destrcution followed. It kept getting closer , and closer, but ahead of me I began to see the surface which fed me hope, to move faster.

I began to surpass the leader thet where tiring but for whatever reason I had the energy to keep going up this steep slope. I look behind me and the wall was just about to touch one of their group members who was levitating the girl who saved me earlier. I wanted to help but had no utter clue so I just did the only thing I knew how at this moment , and that was making it to the surface.  I make it to the surface , and I feel like a missile as I seem to explode out of the hole , and crashing onto green grass, yes green grass of all things.

The End

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