Run like.... well your life does depend on it!

I get up and observe my surroundings , holding the small light sword lightly by my side. The big guy was fighting the undead servant who brought me here, he was getting is ass handed to him.  He raised his sword to block the agens own but his sword shatters, and gets sliced straight through. He doesn't scream in pain or anything just accepts the fact he is dead, his body hits the floor before his own blood does.

" Worthless scum." He says wiping his sword the blood off his sword." Hmm this is unnacceptable the pure soul is back in its body." He begins to walk up to with his newly cleaned , and shiny blade,"I'll just have to kill you with the soul destroyer , and hope thats potent enough."

I think he was hoping for a conversation out of me, and quite frankly he wasn't going to get one.  I ready my body in what would be called athletic stance or fighting stance. He takes a swing at me and I roll to the side , and slash at his leg. He leaps out of the way the tip of my blade just lightly scratching his boot.  I quickly get up to ready my self for his next attack. Which he come swinging downwards from quite a hieght. Now normall I would believe this to be impossible but to my left was people waving ridicoulously long swords, and firing magic at a huge demon. I didn't have enough time to block so I bring my sword to above my head and bring the flat side up so I can reinforce the block with my hands. Sparks spray into my face as his blade slams into mine I blocked the attack succesfully. 

I hesitated for a second and the undead man take the liberty to kick me on the side of my head, I stumble sideways, I see a blade coming for me left side , and I find instinct brings my sword to quicky tap the sword off , and finally get a counter that cuts the undead mans forearms. No blood just a small wince of pain read on his face.

" Ha I'm pretty good." I take the the victory too lightly and find my self rolling forwards to dodge a stab.  The guys wielding giant swords where running my way ones hand was out infront glowing making that women who healed my body , and everything levitate.

" You  get running!" The order me.

How was I supposed to do that when this maniac, with unhuman strength is hacking and slashing at me like there is no tommorow?  I think to my self as jump to the side just missing the blade.

" How long do you think your body can keep doing that, eventually your reflexes will slow , and my blade will pass through your skin." I hear his voice.

 I find myself running into a corner situation and stop, and turn to meet this undead man. I duck under the sword and spring upwards  making his sword fly out of his hands. Then in one quick movenment slice down cleaving him from the top of his head to chest down.

" I win!" I say while kicking the body off my sword.

The guys who saved my ass began to yell.

" Good for you , now run like.... Well you life does depend in it so run!"  I begin to run towards them when I notice the temperature in this room just went up what felt like a million degrees. The demon look pissed and the cieling was collapsing.  Yeah running is a good idea.


The End

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