Saved, And Body transfer Without A Zombie Hurts

 I watch in absolute terror as the large demon steps forwards, I waned to close the rotting eyelids yet I had no control over those mustles.  Daridian , throws me, and the zombie head towards the demon. Each little roll brings me closer to death. My head stops and i'm facing the the large demon who I guessed was pactising a spell. Anything absolutly any type of miracle would be nice.  In the demons right hand a blue , and red orb forms about the size of house forms.

" I shall corrupt the pure!"  It yells the ball is being brought down and I could feel my self burning away.

It seemed to take ages for the orb to reach but realistically its only taking seconds. Just before this house side orb engulfes me though something stops and knocks me the soul trapped in a zombie head flying towards my body. I land face down and can't see what's happening but I could hear voices.

" We came just in time. You protect the head, You heal the body then perform soul transplant." I hear orders given the swords are drawn and gunshots ring out and a an epic battles sounds.  Two sets of footsetps muffeled slightly by battle come up to me.

" Oh I don't think so!" I hear Darinaid say then a clash of swords

another mans voice rings out , " Go heal the boys body."  It was deep ,full of urgence , but yet full of concern.

" Alright just be sure you keep your friend here away from me while I perform this thing." I hear a female voice which gets closer then kicks me on the side of the head.

If I could move these rotting lips and say something it would be very rude, but atleast now I could see what the hell is going on.  Three men where getting they arses handed to them by the huge demon but yet still remaing to stal alive. They all wore armour from the times of castles, and knights , they wielded the ridicouluosly large blades that looked to heavy to carry but yet they where wielding with no problems.  What I was really amazed at is that they where casting spells no problem. I look over at the girl who knelt by body she was also performing magic on my self inflicted head shot. It was healing fast. I would be jaw dropped but you well you know.

Once the girl is finished healing my body she walks over to the rotten zombie head that my soul is trapped and pickes it up.

" Sorry about that kid. Atleast you won't be stuck in there anylonger." She tells me.

She puts her hands agianst my zombie head, I begin to feel my sould being ripped away from the zombie head and it hurts , but I can't scream. I lose sight of reality but can still hear  the fighting and everything.

" Okay this is going to hurt ten times more then what I just did. Since what I'm doing is very close to bringing back the dead when you get into that body of yours. I want you to take that sword and defend us until ordered otherwise."

She says then I begin to feel this pain that feels like being stabbed by a million blades, burned frozen ,drowning , extreme pressure, and other indescribable pains as i get reattatched to my body.  I begin to see my enviroment and a few pain probably from be put back in my body. A sword lays beside me it was much like the ones you would see used by a night not the crazy huge ones this womans companions carry.

" I would have told you but I'm way better with gun." I say to the girl who was now laying beside me exhausted.

" Beggars , can't be choosers." she mutters.

The End

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