far behind enemy lines

The undead man turned to look down at me.

" For the savior of the human race you where very easy to catch." He sneers ," lets see what corruption wants to do with you." 

He looks down at the ground.

" Bartias the dark traveller pleas grant us a tunnel to the lord of corruption." The undead mans says in a semi chanted tone.  The ground below us shifts then I find myself falling through the ground. Well its not me its the zombies body but so was my actual body. I had no control over this zombies body, I tried to stabilize my chaotic fall through this wierd hole in the ground. It all ended fast when the zombies body slammed into a red ground surrounded by darkness. I was flung through the air then the undead caught me. Wait he cuaght me like a ball. I looked back the zombie was headless. Great I'm in a zombie head.

The undead man walks past through a dark doors where I feel a very evil being, when I saw it though my feeling was an understatement. I could feel an unimanginable amount of fear just feeling it but looking at it was even more terrifying.  His fist where solid flame , and he stood probably the size of a scyscraper it was like looking at a god of evil.

" Sir this is the pure souls. It was not very hard to capture it." 

What did he mean was he reffering me to a pure soul? Ha me pure? HA!

" Good. come closer Darinaid." The terrifying demon says with a voice of evil harshness.

" What shall we do with it?" Darinaid ask as he steps without to the terrifying thing. 

" It is the only thing that gets in the way of the propechy it must be captured and destroyed!" The demon says flames swirling out of its mouth.

Oh crap i'm going to die this time for real.


The End

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