I ducked in and out of abandonned houses a few zombies walked the streets. I was in the taken part of town but I needed to see this for myself. All of it was true , the portals the undead , demons. A few months ago if you had ever asked me anything about magic , and demons being real. I would have scoffed , and walked off. Now Its all real and it all around us and it just so happens that magic beats technology. 

" Shaden, come in."  A voice cackles on my radio.

" Ello This is Shaden.Go ahead" I say pressing a button

" Where the hell are you we are on the verge of a zombie breach , fourth wall!?"  My commander yells into the radio.

" Uh scouting, I'll be there in 15." I say

" You better be."

I break in a hard sprint my legs pusing me forwards and jumping over hazardouse areas. I climbed up into the roof and a began to hear the sounds of a struggles I run across a loose few two by fours screwed together which was suspended over a 4 story drop.  I never take a glance as I cross at fast speed. I run across a rood and jump to a slight lower one , then another lower one until I was ground level. I turn a quick right and there I was where the zombies had been hanging out. Rapid machine gun fire was ripping them to shreds but there was so many. Zombies began to come my was I take out my pistol , and begin to shoot consecutive head shots. I killed 10 zombies before my clip ran out. I took out another knowing had only 40 more shots. which meant 4 more clips. I began to back off as more came my way.

" Ah curse my bad sense of directions." I say to myself while I grab my radio.

" This is Shaden, I'm going to need help about nowish."

" I can see you. We got you back."

Something bites hard into my right shoulder I could feel my self draining away. They didn't have my back because I just got bitten. I shoot the zombis neck and kick it too the ground. The rules of survival are clear your bitten shoot yourself , and that exactly what I did.

Bang! the bullets goes through the top of my head , and my body drops to the ground dead. But things don't end here I see all of this crystal clear. I was seeing it through the zombies body that just bitten me. Sudenly my body is lifted up.

" Zombies have two uses. Capturing souls, or destroying them."

The End

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