Lord of corruption

A story of supernatural apopcalypse. The main character of the story Shaden , has no clue to what he is or can be. The lord of corruption how ever does , and captures his soul.

Lord Of Corruption

" The time has come master , our prophecised reign over the humans has come , only one stands in the way , the one with the soul of purity." A undead man kneels before the lord of curruption a demon with the shap of a human only the shape.

The lord of curruption  hands are soldid flames his eyes red with pupils which could cut through the souls of a thousand men. The lord of corruption oozed out evil , he is an ancient enemy, an enemy that could question a power of a god if they ever where such a creature. He stands up spreading dark evil wings which emanates a shadowy mist. In a harsh demon voice the lord of corruption says.

" Bring me the soul of purity. Crush all that stand in the way!"

" Yes my lord , it shall be done."  

The End

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