You try to eat the crow to absorb its powers

You lunge at the crow with your bloody hand, but it hops aside and you smash your head against the bedpost. Dazed, you roll on the floor where you spot a chamberpot under the bed.

You grab the pot and fling it at the unsuspecting crow, sending it hurtling into the fireplace. You rush over and grab it from the flames, chomping down on its twitching body. You retch and gag as the charred feathers work their way past your shattered larynx but you force yourself to consume its scorched, faeces covered remains, thinking only of the power fo the Time Crow.

You use its beak to pick your teeth and wait for the power to flow through your veins, only to realize you've been a damn fool. Absorb the power of the Time Crow? What madness is this? Only a complete retard would think that would work.

The End

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