You say to hell with it and decide to scream unti your throat bleeds, your voice gives out and your larynx explodes

You say "to hell with it!" and continue screaming at top volume.

After another hour your scream has diminished to a squeak but you keep going, pushing your vocal chords to their limits.

After another hour your scream is inaudible but you notice you are projecting a fine spray of blood over your nice white sheets and you hear a gurgling sound from the back of your throat.

You continue this insane test for another hour until finally you hear a wet squelchy TWANG! from inside your neck, your vocal chords are gone! You've completely destroyed them, you mad fool!

Just at that moment the time crow arrives, crshing through your unopened window, it perches on the end of your bed and caws

"What is your bidding oh master"

Blast your stupidity! You have no larynx and are unable to command the time crow

The End

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