Enter the "Do Not Enter" room, at your own peril. Maybe they won't mind the intrusion.

Upon entering the smell of cheese overpowers you. You bring your non-striking hand to your face to stifle the overpowering stench.

The room is unreasonably big. Like really, really big. Massive. If you had to come up with a measurement system to quantify it's dimensions you would probably be the sort of person who had not heard of the metric system. Let's just say it's as big as five swimming pools, that's pretty big.

Inside the room giant Heraldic Rats are stacking an awful lot of cheese.

"Forsooth! What the hell are you doing in my Tower of Evil!".

Forsooth looks up from a cheese wheel and stares blankly at you.

"Alright, guvnor — the Witch said we could use this to store our cheese".

The End

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