Investigate the rest of the room.

Pleased that, for once, your army is doing what you ordered it to do, you decide to investigate the rest of the room. At first glance it doesn't look all that impressive: a four poster bed (one post cracked in half) sat to your right, a threadbare rug was spread on the floor, the stone walls were bare, nothing had been dusted for at least a week...whoever this Lord was, he certainly wasn't rich. Or very clean, either.

You're almost about to leave the room when you notice the blood seeping out from under the bed. Letting out a little 'eek' of surprise, you take a few steps back, wondering what to do.

Your curiosity is overwhelming, though, so within a few seconds you're on your knees, peering under the bedframe. A body has been stuffed in the small space, but you can't make out a face or even tell if it is a man or a woman because its been wrapped in a sheet! I wonder who this could be? Dare I pull the body out from under this mess?

Just then, bile begins to rise in your throat and the smell begins to overwhelm you...

The End

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