Follow Count Bosnia's instructions

You mince down the hallway as directed by the rodent Count. Turning left, you enter a dimly lit corridor that curves off to the right. You pause and turn to fetch a torch from the hallway when the rat hisses from your shoulder "he door we seek is but a short distance, is the noble McUbbthroat afraid to go where rats dare?"

The rat jumps from your shoulder just in time to avoid a crushing blow from your striking hand. Unfortunately, your shoulder has nowhere to jump to, and gets, well, crushed. Yelling in pain, you chase after the running rat, as quickly as is consistent with mincing and minding your crushed shoulder.

You round the curve of the corridor just as the rat races past a stout milmwood door and disappears through a hole at the bottom of a second door. You push open the door and rush through.

Once through the door, you notice two things:

  • It's very dark;
  • There's no floor.

At least, not right underfoot, you have to fall 10 feet before you find it. You hit the bottom hard.

From his perch on the narrow ledge just below the door, the cunning rat hisses "mince your way out of that pit, McUbbfool." then scurries back through the hole under the door.

Bested by a mere rodent! You smite yourself a good one in the forehead with your striking hand, the sound of the slap echoing in the pit.

"That's got to hurt." A voice very near you in the pit says.

The End

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