The two 'cops' had returned precisely half an hour later, as promised, and he was ready to leave. He was prepared. They moved swiftly through the night, taking care to be inconspicious as they took a tube to London Waterloo. The female police officer had handed him a ticket for the late night Eurostar to Paris, looking rather awkward as she passed it over in the packed tube. The tube had lurched and for a few seconds they had fallen into each other, faces forced together in warm meeting of the flesh.

She had looked incensed and irritable after this, perhaps because he had given her a roguish wink that she did not quite trust.

*     *     *

"So, this is it huh?" Mr. Blacke commented, looking at Waterloo station from the unusually quiet street below.

"Yes, Mr Blacke, it is." The man replied bluntly.

"Before we put you on the train," the female began whilst looking Mr. Blacke's shoulders absent-mindedly, "we have to take a slight detour. Don't worry, it's just a precaution"

Well if a precaution means watching you walk in front of me, then detour away Blacke half chuckled to himself as he followed the two down a pedestrian tunnel that lead to the South Bank.

The tunnel was long, daunting and eerily silent. Halfway down the tunnel Blacke realised that they were alone, in the middle of the night. He did not care.

"I hope you realise," he wondered aloud, "that I don't buy this for a second."

The two 'police officers' stopped in their tracks.

"In fact, I'd rather like to just get a move on, so I think I'll be on my way, if you two don't mind of course. As they say, Time is the fire in which we burn, is it not?"

 The woman was the first to round on him, pulling a pistol out and pointing it at his face.

"You're really not as clever as you think you are you now" She sneered, cocking the handgun threatingly as her counterpart cracked his knuckles next to her, grinning greedily. "Nor are you as brilliant as everyone makes you out to be."

Mr. Blacke hadn't shown any sign or shock, surprise or fear; on the contrary he seemed to be enjoying the situation.

"I quite agree." He conceded.

"Now you're going to do exactly as we say, because it is impertinent that you be on the top of Canary Wharf in little under an hour." She said purposefully.

"Oh I don't think so," Blacke replied, checking his fingernails calmly.

"Oh for God's sake," the woman hissed, becoming more and more agitated. "There's no point arguing with an ignorant man. Maybe I should give a few shots in the kneecaps? Might persuade you?" She grinned nastily, but seemed to be trying to hard to do so.

Blacke laughed, "You can pretend to be serious; but you can't pretend to be witty."

In the darkness of the tunnell, Blacke could've sworn he'd seen her eyes turn red for a second before she pulled the trigger.

She looked shocked.

Blacke laughed again. Fondly remembering his own 'precaution' in the tube earlier.

"Awww, no bullets?"

The End

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